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About Us

Modern Ayurveda for beautiful skins and peaceful minds

Efficacious, Purifying, Simplistic

Our Philosophy & Mission

Crafting a Skincare Saga, A Symphony of Self-Care

In a world filled with endless noise, have you ever felt lost in the chaos when starting your skincare journey? Connecting with Mother Earth seems like an elusive dream in these modern times. But what if we say you to close your eyes, and transcend into tranquality. Skincare should be natural but most of all simple. What we consume reflects on our body, mind and skin. We are here to cut noise from skincare and provide an efficacious, luxurious yet accessible skincare experience for you take pride as you bestow upon yourself the care your skin truly deserves and restore your sync with nature.

Dont be lost again.


Research backed formulations crafted by our expert Ayurvedacharyas

Ayurveda a proven science with centuries of wisdom enriched with profound understanding of life's intricate balance.

Nature has given us bountiful gifts, just need to dive deep to reap the benefits.

"Ayus" (life) and "Veda" (knowledge). We've seamlessly woven this wisdom into our products, creating a bridge that connects time-honored traditions with modern scientific validation.

Every skin is different and unique in itself. We believe that every individual deserves the purity and authenticity that only natural ingredients can provide.


Fostering Manufacturing Brilliance Amidst the Himalayan Majesty

Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the breathtaking expanse of the Himalayas, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a testament to our commitment to quality. At Elviõt, our quality is overseen by vigilant technicians. These meticulous professionals uphold our commitment to excellence. Rigorous testing, adherence to global standards are their cornerstones. Their unwavering dedication ensures each product reflects our promise of unmatched quality.


Every Ingredient, a Precise Touchpoint of Healing



Vata Dosha: The Air and Space Elemental Force

Vata, the dynamic fusion of air and space elements, governs movement, creativity, and flexibility within the body and mind.
Those with a dominant Vata dosha often have delicate, thin skin that is prone to dryness and flakiness. To nurture Vata skin, it’s essential to focus on moisturization and protection from harsh environmental elements.
Skincare Tips for Vata:
• Opt for gentle, anti-oxidant rich, hydrating cleansers to avoid stripping natural oils.
• Incorporate nourishing ingredients like licorice, sandalwood and inter cherry to provide deep moisturization.
• Look for nourishing oils like sesame, or avocado to soothe and calm the skin.
• Practice facial massages with warm oils to enhance circulation and combat dryness.

Pitta Dosha: The Fire and Water Elemental Force

Pitta, a combination of fire and water, governs metabolism, digestion, and transformation. Individuals with a dominant Pitta dosha tend to have sensitive, combination skin that is prone to inflammation and redness. Balancing Pitta involves soothing and cooling strategies.
Skincare Tips for Pitta:
• Choose mild, non-comedogenic cleansers to prevent pore congestion without over-drying.
• Opt for lightweight, water-based moisturizers to maintain hydration without clogging pores.
• Seek out skincare products containing ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and mint to reduce inflammation.
• Regularly engage in relaxation techniques like meditation to keep stress-induced skin issues at bay.

Kapha Dosha: The Earth and Water Elemental Force

Kapha, a fusion of earth and water elements, forms the foundation of our physical structure, providing stability, endurance, and emotional resilience.
Those with a dominant Kapha dosha often have oily or combination skin that is prone to congestion and enlarged pores. The key to Kapha skincare is balancing oiliness while promoting detoxification.
Skincare Tips for Kapha:
• Use gentle foaming cleansers to control excess oil without causing excessive dryness.
• Incorporate exfoliation with natural ingredients like clay, oats, or rice powder to prevent clogged pores.
• Look for skincare products infused with ingredients like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and neem to combat excess oil and breakouts.
• Engage in regular physical activity to stimulate circulation and promote detoxification.

Discover Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Embark on a journey to radiant skin by taking our quick and easy skincare quiz. Answer a few simple questions about your skin type, concerns, and preferences, and let our intelligent algorithm curate a customized selection of skincare products just for you.


93% agree it tightens pores, reduces hyperpigmentation in 2 weeks.

*based on a consumer study of 35 ayurvedic seekers


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Free education to children in the village areas

Elviõt, in collaboration with the SBS Education Group, is dedicated to providing free education to girls and other children in rural areas as part of our CSR initiatives.

Building Bright Futures

We promote gender equality through workshops, mentorship, and awareness, breaking education barriers and stereotypes for a brighter, inclusive future.



Throughout our partnership with Seva Trust Women-led NGO, we provide training, resources, and a platform for these talented artisans to showcase their skills and products to a global audience.
Elviõt’s CSR involvement empowers women’s self-help groups, promoting the recycling of plastic and horticulture waste in sustainable sanitation.

Fostering Entrepreneurship
Just as our skincare products are rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom, the hand-made products crafted by these skilled women embrace eco-friendly practices. From using sustainable materials to adopting low-impact production methods, the products reflect our shared commitment to preserving the environment and minimizing our ecological footprint.

1% of our gross income supports NGOs.



Carbon Neutral

Elviõt’s CSR efforts include a partnership with Recyclise, allowing us to recycle twice the amount of renewable plastic we use in our commitment to sustainability.



Elviõt in partnership with NIMA (an association of Ayurvedic physicians), conducts consistent tree plantation initiatives to uphold its dedication to a greener planet. In 2023 alone, Elviõt and NIMA successfully planted over 2,700 trees.


Founder's Note


“To the science of life, to Ayurveda, and a world where nature's beauty triumphs over synthetic facades.”


Our Philosophy

As the west veers toward man-made chemicals, promising quick fixes but often at the cost of long-term harm, we at Elviõt believe in the beauty of simplicity, especially when it comes to skincare.

Amidst the clamor of 9-10 step routines and synthetic concoctions, we stand as a sanctuary of natural care.

Our philosophy is grounded in the profound understanding that nature holds the key to true authentic beauty, free from unnecessary chemical complexities.

Let us take pride in the exquisite journey we are on—a journey where we walk hand in hand with nature, where simplicity reigns, and where your true beauty shines.
After all, we are nature, and we need to look back to our roots, and look home.

Finally, I would like to say, it;s not just my brand, it’s of the people who consider the planet as their own and want to restore their sync with it.

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